I. Description:

Amusement equipment contains a wide range of products and the touch screen sizes is also

range from 3.5’’ to 21.5’’. As consider the aestheticism, most of touch screen will be mounted

with built-out way, less will choose built-in. And most of products will need the touch screen be

made Anti-Vandal and Strengthen Impact Resistance by choose more thicker cover glass.

II. Final Products:

• Hand-Held Games Terminal
• Multimedia Equipment
• Fitness Equipment

• Swimming Pool Controller

III. Real Solution Show:

a. Project Name

Fitness Equipment Controller

b. Description

1. Most of Fitness Equipment Controller will use big size G+G structure

capacitive touch screen. And will choose built-out mounting solution.

2. The touch screen will need multiple touch.
3. The use environment is complicated with contains power interference.

c. Touch Screen Solution

1. Choose tempered double glass G+G solution.
2. Customize COB (chip on board) solution with choose EETI driver IC.

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