I. Description:

Industrial filed have a very wide range of products and mainly size contains 4.3’’,5’’, 7’’,

10.1’’ etc. And most of industrial products using environment is very complicated with

contains some Power Interference, EMI, Conducted Immunity, etc.Also most of industrial

touch screen products will need customize touch with glove & water etc.

II. Final Products:

Rugged Phone, Rugged Tablet, Engineering Test Equipment, Industrial Control Terminal,

Swimming Pool Controller, Textile Controller, etc.

III. Real Solution Show:

a. Project Name:

Textile Controller Board industrial touch screen

b. Project Features:

1. Textile Control Board will need make multiple touch, touch

with water, gloves touch, touch with used oil.

2. Textile use environment is very noisy and complicated

with contains many EMI and Conducted Immunity interference.

The touch screen need pass EN61000-6-4 standard.

3. There will have some high requirements for the hardness,

strength and water contact angle of cover glass.

c. Touch Screen Solution:

1. Choose tempered double glass G+G structure.

2. Choose Cypress driver IC with good anti-interference.

3. For some special treatment, make some coating with cover

glass and debugging the Driver IC.

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