I. Description:

Touch screen is widely applied to medical electronics, such as portable medical device,

wearable medical device, and patient monitor etc.

• Popular sizes: 3.5’’, 5.0’’, 7.0’’, 8.0’’, 10.1’’, 12.1’’, 15.0’’, 17.0’’ etc.;

• Popular installation method: inside mounted; surface mounted;

The application environment is commonly good except the limitation of safety standards.

For some large-scale equipment, EMI is the most important problem to fix.

II. Final Products:

Portable medical device, Wearable medical device, Patient monitor, ECG monitor, Oximeter,

Laryngoscope display, Electrotome equipment, etc.

III. Real Solution Example:

a. Project Name:

Capacitive touch screen for patient monitor

b. Description:

1. Indoor usage, electronic noise from other medical equipments;

2. Overall unit needs to pass some medical safety standards;

3. Multi-touch, gloved touch, android system.

c. Touch Screen Solution:

1. Structure: G+G, tempered glass;

2. Driver solution: Cypress solution;

support gloved touch; support self- capacitances and mutual-capacitances;

3. Operation temperature: -20℃ to +70℃; using extended temperature material;

4. Sensor design: route is designed as the request of safety standard.

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