I. Description:

Retail terminal is a generalized application. Here it refers to handheld POS terminal, desktop

payment terminal, kiosk etc.

• Popular sizes: 2.8’’, 3.5’’, 4.0’’, 4.3’’, 5.0’’, 7.0’’, 8.0’’, 10.1’’, 12.1’’, 15.0’’, 17.0’’, 19.0’’ etc.

• Popular installation method: inside mounted; surface mounted;

Indoor usage, and without the special function requirement is this application’s common feature.

But of course, welcome the exception. FANNAL also has rich experience with high standard retail

project, for example, petrol station payment system.

II. Final Products:

Handheld POS terminal, Payment system, E-Menu system, ATM, Currency counter, Vending

machine, Kiosk, Electronic balance, etc.

III. Real Solution Example:

a. Project Name:

Handheld POS terminal

b. Description:

1. Indoor usage, but ask visual effect the most;

2. Multi fingers touch;

3. Low power consumption;

4. Rugged, anti- scratch;

5. Anti-EMI.

c. Touch Screen Solution:

1. Structure: G+G /G+F+F, tempered glass; 10 fingers touch;

transmittance > 86%;

2. Driver solution: Cypress solution; support self- capacitances

and mutual capacitances;

3. Bonding method: Optical bonding solution;

4. Cover custom: Round corner, AG treatment.

Tips: Good transmittance, optical bonding and AG are all for the excellent visual

effect, to best meet customer’s need. This is a case of high-end POS terminal.

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