I. Description:

For touch screen, transportation application can be classified into 2 types: Pro-assembly

and Post-assembly. Pro-assembly should be limited by some specific standards.

• Popular sizes: 7.0’’, 10.4’’, 12.1’’, 15.6’’, 17.0’’ etc.

• Popular installation method: surface mounted;

Semi-outdoor usage, explosion-proof required. This application environment is quite complex,

depends on different vehicle /ship /aircraft types, different driving environment etc. FANNAL

will tailor the specific solution for best meeting your need.

II. Final Products:

Center Console System, GPS Navigation, Multimedia Player, Aircraft Instrument, Ship Automation, Parking System.

III. Real Solution Example:

a. Project Name:

Capacitive touch screen for car center console system,


b. Description:

1. Applied to Pro-assembly system;
2. Multi touch, android system;
3. Wide view angle, sunlight readable;
4. Explosion-proof, anti-shock;
5. Anti-noise.

c. Touch Screen Solution:

1. Structure: G+G, tempered glass; thicken cover glass;
2. TFT: High brightness, wide view angle
3. Driver solution: EETI solution; USB interface, driver free;
4. Bonding method: Optical bonding solution;
5. Cover custom: AG, AR treatment;
6. Operation temperature: -30℃ to +80℃; using extended temperature material.

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