7 inch Cypress solution touch screen


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7 inch Cypress solution touch screen

2015-04-13 Products

On Apr. 5 th, 2015, Fannal put out a new touch panel FN070M01-2 and the Corresponding lcd module FN070M01-2 V6.0. It is a 7 inch waterproof touch screen.

FN070M01-2 is G+G structure projected capacitive touch panel with 5 touch points. This touch panel take Cypress solution into application. Cypress IC has a super high ability of data processing. Which will make the P-CAP fast response, also Electromagnetic and water interference. The special function from appearence is the capability of touch with water, touch with gloved and even touch with oil on screen. This shows the high stability of our Cypress solution touch screen.

FN070M01-2V6.0 is a new touch screen module, it use FN070M01-2 as the CTP. It is a WVGA800x480 dots module. The TFT interface is RGB. The brightness is 250 cd/m2, which mainly for indoor application. And ofcourse, we have high brightness TFT to match with FN070M01-2 into a sunlight readable touch screen.

To show the high stability of the Cypress solution touch screen. We tested it via spill oil on the cover glass of the TP. You can see from this video to know the super stability. https://youtu.be/VCsaFQEDODc

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