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Fannal ATouch, Touch Future

2016-07-01 Products

Fannal, the industrial PCAP Doer from China mainland, launches her new generation touch product – ATouch on July 1st. This new generation is positioned as the high-end PCAP product with top reliability and excellent touch performance.

Why launching ATouch?

A top touch solution is worth top everything.

Fannal’s Cypress solution has turned to be an excellent industrial solution, widely applied to different environment. But Fannal is a perfectionist; we need to make every detail get strengthened.

All we want is to best safe your project, safe your product, and safe your application.

We are so proud of being more and more professional.

What is ATouch?

High reliability: storage temperature -40-90

operating temperature -30---80

High performance: Touch with pool of water

Touch with thick gloves 5mm

Touch with thick cover 10mm

What makes ATouch special?

Cypress Truetouch IC





Supply stability


Sleep mode


Noise immunity



<13 ms

ATouch Sensor


ATouch sensor

Silver sensor

Low temp

-40 240h

-30 120h

High temp

90 240h

80 120h

Stable temp

60 90%RH  240h

60 90%RH 120h Easy oxidation

Salt fog testing

35 85%RH 5%NaCl solution 48h


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