The Comparison between Optical Bonding and Air Bonding


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The Comparison between Optical Bonding and Air Bonding

2016-08-29 Technology

For more lighter and thinner, various kinds of technology are used in PCAP touch screen. Optical Bonding is one of them.

In the traditional bonding method, Air bonding(or edge lamination),the adhesive is applied between the display and touch panel using the inactive area around the perimeter of the module. This bonding method results in some inactive space 'air gap' between the touch panel substrate and the display.

Due to the improved viewing performance that is achieved Optical Bonding has become quite popular. For optical bonding specific OCA(Optically Clear Adhesive) or OCR(Optically Clear Resin) is applied over the entire surface between the display assembly and touch panel. This bonding method removes all air and air bubbles from the viewing area providing a more rugged and optically attractive solution. Removal of 'air gap' between the module and touch panel eliminates surface-to-surface reflections which degrade contrast and ultimately viewing angles, especially significant in sunlight conditions.

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