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optical bonding technology

2015-03-31 Technology

1.What’s optical bonding?

Optical bonding, a new bonding technology offered by Fannal, bonds touch panel and tft as a module. (OCA, one type of main materials of touch screen, acted as the basic material, then put one layer release thin film on the OCA top and bottom. Non matrix material OCA is double-sided adhesive and the best choice of touch screen). Optical bonding touch screen improves display’s intensity, clarity and durance.

2.What are advantages of optical bonding?

Optical bonding touch screen overlay can increase contrast ratio up to 400% in sunlight; can increase impact resistance and wear resistance up to 300%; can increase durance and shock resistance greatly too. This bonding technology enables display thinner and lighter and makes gas-tight casing design possible, thus preventing condensation and fogging, waterproof, anti-dust and anti-chemicals.

3.Compared with traditional bonding, how does the optical bonding improve the display performance?

Fannal optical bonding technology eliminates the gap between glass and tft display, which is definitely superior to traditional bonding.

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