About Fannal

Fannal Electronics Co., Ltd focuses on service for professional touch screen solutions. Our team has more than 10-year experience in touch area. We are committed to supplying professional touch screen solutions, best quality products and excellent technical support.

Focus on Creating Touch Screen Solutions
Committed to Serving for Global Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

With a strong R&D team and considerable experience, we offer the most
suitable solutions for our customers and help them shorten the development
cycle. Our aim is to become a competitive and influential brand in Touch Screen
Industry, promote Touch Screen technology and accelerate the
process of intelligence for global SMEs.

   Excellent R&D and Innovation Capacity   

We have set up close partnership with many first-class manufacturers and raw materials suppliers, and
developed best solutions and products to meet customers’ different requirements. Our sunlight readable
solution was promoted in 2012, having won major customers’recognition. This solution is with
advantages of less power consumption, high contrast (300% higher than normal screen), a wider viewing area
(200% wider than normal screen) and 300% impact resistance.

   Quality Control   

Quality comes first, which is eternal responsibility for Fannal. All of our products are strictly com
plied with ISO9001 and ISO14001. For design, raw material, manufacturing, finished product and
recycling, the whole procedure must be environmental and in line with ROHS

   Product Reliability   

Our excellent R&D team can design products according to customers' special technical requirements, and
we can do effective verification for all the raw material in our advanced laboratories. Our normal tests
include high-low temperature environmental test, ESD, EFT power pulse test, drop test, the display color
cross test, etc.

   High Cost Performance   

It is known that two-thirds of the world’s touch screens are manufactured in China. With benefit from
numerous high-quality resources and relatively cheap production costs, we can supply cost-effective and
stable products to promote application for touch screen. Our touch screen has been exported to more than
30 countries all over the world, and has established good cooperation with more than 300 customers from a
wide range of industries.

Sustainable development
The longest delivery guarantee for five years
Now, touch industry is developing rapidly. Capacitive touch screen, as the most preferred human-computer interaction method, can provide users with a superior typing experience. Demand for capacitive touch screens will also be strongly increasing. How to ensure a stable supply for industrial application touch screen is a problem in a rapidly changing IT world. We have to ensure the stable supply for all raw materials and alternative plans. Based on strong R&D team, Fannal is committed to supplying long-term and stable high-quality product.
Win-win Cooperation
In the process of customer service, we summed up a set of the most effective processes. We call it 5P service which is helpful for shortening capacitive touch screen developing time. At the beginning of customer’s project, we talk to them in detail to know their practical application and supply our most and best suggestions to speed up project progress.

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