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1. How could I get a sample?

We have to receive your payment for samples and freight before sending samples to you. If you are our regular customer, and you have effective account of DHL, FedEx, UPS, etc., we would like to do a favor for you, you don't need to pay the express charge. We will send the sample to you by these expresses, and deduct your sample payment from the order amount.

2. Could I get your price list?

Yes, please tell us the inquiring info that you are interest in such as products name, model, style, quantity etc., then we will offer the price to you by e-mail.

3. How much is the minimum order amount?

It depends on different products, commonly our minimum order amount need to be over $2000.

4. What terms of payment do you use?

For big order qty-30% T/T advance 70% T/T before shipment.

For small order qty and sample -100% T/T advance.

5. What kind of shipment will you use?

Goods can be shipped by express courier, air, and ocean.

By express courier, it is a door to door service, your can get goods within 4 days after delivery effected, and you can check the package status online with its tracking No. Generally we use TNT, DHL, FEDEX, EMS, and UPS etc.

By air, there is no tracking NO. It is an airport to airport service, you can get goods within 10 days after delivery, and also you shall pick up the goods from the appointed airport by yourself and clear custom. The freight is cheaper than express.

By ocean, it is for big order, it will take about 15 days to 30 days for the delivery according to different lines, and you shall pick up the goods by yourself and clear custom.

6. How long for warranty?

Commonly the warranty is a year. It depends on different products. We may replace unqualified products with qualified ones on following order after receiving buyer's unqualified products, or give you some discount on following order.

7. Could we place order by OEM style to produce our own brand products in China?

Yes, our company welcomes OEM and ODM ONLY for the following types:

Projected Capacitive Touch Screen(1.28inch to 32inch)

The sizes of the Touch Panel can be adjustable according to customers' requirement (customizing)

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FAQs about Capacitive Multi-touch Type

Q. What is the difference between surface capacitive and projected capacitive?

Projected capacitive supports multi-touch while surface capacitive supports single touch only. Projected capacitive allows input with gloves. Projected capacitive can be used with a cover glass on it. Neither is possible with surface capacitive.

Q. What is the maximum size?

Up to 32" wide.

Q. How much of a gap distance is recommended between LCD and the touch screen?

Make the touch screen away from LCD by 1mm at least.

Refer to Recommended structure of touch screen mounted on LCD.

Q. What OS is supported?

Win XP, Vista, 7, CE*, Linux*

*Please contact us for details.

Q. Can I buy the touch screen without development costs?

Yes, our standard lineup can be bought without any development costs.

Q. What is the size range of the standard lineup?

We have our standard lineup from 2.8" in to 32" in our standard line-up.

Q. How does it detect touched points?

Q. How long is the operation life?

Over 50 million touches.

Q. Can the touch screen be used with gloves?

Yes, but it depends on the thickness and material of the glove. Thickest gloves can support 5mm.

*Please let us know your requirements in detail.

Q. Is there limitation on thickness of the covering glass?

Yes, It depends on size of the touch screen. We have supported the thickest 5mm. Please contact us for details.

Q. How many points can the touch screen detect simultaneously?

Up to 10points (it depends on touch screen size as well as thickness of the covering glass).

Q. Can the touch screen be used with a 3.3V power supply?

the touch screen can use with 1.8~5V power.

Q. Is the touch screen compliant with RoHS?


Q. Recommended structure of touch screen mounted on LCD.

TPM assemble document

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