Touch Has Never Been So Fantastic

Touch screen is a rapidly developing technology, originated in the 1970s, aims to bring directly HM interactive
experience. Capacitive touch screen helps Iphone change the world. It's principle is by measuring capacitance
change on surface of touch screen to determine the location of one or more fingers. It supports complex
gestrures, full multi-touch function and extremely sensitive reaction for fantastic touch feeling.

  • Finger Touch

    Automatically identify fingers, support true touch, 10 points Max

  • Passive stylus support

    Support a slender passive stylus with be indeced to 1mm dots and improved the handwritten capture and portability,easier to perform delicate tasks or navigation

  • Glove touch support

    Realize touch dection function by use 5mm gloves; Thin gloves(12mm)

  • Water droplet touch support

    Accurate tracking or damp sweat fingers, Rejects false touches caused by water on the screen, touch screen will not pause or freeze in the damp environment

All Glass Structure

As the most mature manufacturing technology in the world, the all glass structure has the
highest stability and optical clarity. For common glass, the light transmittance is 90~92%.
But it can reach 98~99.5% by making anti-reflective treatment.


Capacitive touch panel






UV resistance



High and low-temperature reliability



Life span



Manufacturing technology






Cover Glass

Sensor Glass


Customer Housing

Solid As Rock

Superior impact resistance is from superior solid cover glass. You can choose Corning Gorilla Glss,
thickness can be max 2mm. Other brand glass can be max 6mm, impact resistance almost highest in touch area.

Lowest Power Consumption

The lowest power in touch screen area, Normal operating mode: 7mW, Low consumption mode: 0.2mW, Deep sleep mode: 6 μW

Super High Sensitivity

Excellent sensitivity and detect speed. Response time less than 30ms. excellent accuracy and linearity

Highly Noise-Resistant

Hardware and firmware can be matched. Abide by EMI and RFI standard.

High anti-noise ability, up to 60 Vpp. Increase SNR, reduce phantom touches.

Outside display synchronous can help weaken the noise from LCD.

Can effectively prevent the interference of the noisy power supply

Super Performance

  • Long life span

    Up to 50000k click

  • High transparency

    Support 2048*2048

  • Supply guarantee

    Can assure the supply up to 5 years

  • Support many interfaces

    Support USB,IIC,SPI,RS232

Optical Bonding

Optical bonding can increase touch screen's shock resistance and reliability. There will be no splinter even broken, and no worry about getting hurt.

With Optical bonding:

Increase sunlight readability up to 400%

Increase impact resistance up to 300%

No moisture entering to form fog,

prevent condensation and fogging.

Enable thinner and lighter display designs.

Optical bonding Can serve max 42 inch

Total OS Support

Support wide variety of operating systems and computing environments (Linux, Windows, IOS, and Android).

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