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Who We Are

A “gem” in the field of technological innovation and integration, Fannal is a one-stop-solution provider for touch display, committed to delivering a variety of professional high-quality products and technical services globally. We mate creativity and experience in one site. We are capable to design and manufacture all parts on touch display products by ourselves. This enables us to always find the perfect solution for you. This solution can be cost efficient based on standards or individually customized for your specific requirements. Fannal today is a High-Tech fast-growing company, financially backed by SECO, one of the European leaders in the electronic embedded field, with a strong focus on IoT. 
Total Solutions for Touch Display
Providing the fastest technical support. Our experienced engineering team master the most core technologies from solutions evaluating to firmware debugging, saving project developing time for customers. We are design partner of Microchip and also support others including Cypress, EETI, Ilitek, etc;

Supplying customized PCAP for various industrial applications, such as AG/AR/AF/AB surface treatment on cover lens and IK10 grade impact resistance;

Designing and supplying the industrial displays, both standard and customized services including backlight, viewing angle and interface;
Commitment to Quality, Reliability and Innovation
High Reliability and Sustainable Supply are key points which we can support for customers from industrial market;

All new processes and new technologies will be comprehensively verified in our lab, and small batch production before being launched into the market;

Customization is our main business, creating the products according to customers’ simple ideas by our innovation;
Leading Optical Bonding Technology
Optical bonding is one of our core technology. We have two processes OCA and OCR(silicone base), providing a comprehensive solution for different types of displays;

The minimum size we can produce is 1.8 inch and the maximum size is 32 inch;

High yield and high reliability are our most of outstanding advantages in the competition;
Competitive Pricing
Thanks to our outstanding R&D team, supplying optimized product solutions to improve mass production yield and efficiency;

Fannal has been adhering to the concept of growing together with our suppliers, as best partners;

Keeping improving and avoiding unnecessary waste are our core concept of whole production process;


Our goal is to be a respected company in industrial touch display filed
Make Touch Anywhere!
New own factory built
Production lines of TFT display and monitor IATF16949
New Technology
3D Touch & Force Touch
Size: 2.0" ~ 24"
All One Black
All One Black
Applications: Smart Home, Appliances, etc.
Size:1.8” ~ 10.1”
Vending Machine
Big Size CTP
Applications: Medical Monitors, Vending Machine, Kiosk etc
Size: 15.6” ~ 43”
Optical Bonding
Applications: Outdoor, Medical Instrument, Marine, etc
Size: 2.8” ~ 32”
Industrial Automation
Water, Used Oil & Gloves Touch Operation Support
Applications: Industrial Automation, Outdoor Payment System, Outdoor Hand-held, etc
Size: 7” ~ 15.6”
Industrial CTP
Industrial CTP
Applications: Industrial Automation, Outdoor, Medical,etc
Size: 2.8” ~ 10.1”

Our Team

our team
Focus On Serving Small
And Medium-Sized Enterprises
Focus on the field of touch display, provide stable, high-quality products Standard products of TPA, TPM are complete, samples are in stock; Flexible customization;
High cost performance
company culture
Corporate Vision:
To become the industrial touch field leader
Corporate Mission:
To serve global small and medium-sized enterprises with our most professional literacy Provide market-competitive products and services
Core Values:
Focus on creating value

Organization Chart

Organization Chart
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