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Q: What’s the difference between projected capacitive touch panel and surface capacitive touch panel?
A: Projected capacitive touch panel can support multi-touch, while surface capacitive touch panel only support single touch. And only the projected capacitive touch panel support touch with thick cover glass max to 10mm.
Q: What’s the maximum size you can make your capacitive touch screens?
A: Our in-house manufacturing can make max 55 inch capacitive touch panel and max 32 inch PCAP optically bonded with TFT display.
Q: Is your touch display RoHS compliance?
A: Yes, our touch display products are all RoHS and REACH compliance and specified declaration document can be supplied. BTW, Fannal is a ISO9001/ISO14001/IATF16949 certified capcacitive touch display manufacturer.
Q: Can I use 3.3V power supply with your PCAP?
A: Yes, the Fannal PCAP can work between 1.8v-5v power supply.
Q: How much gap between CTP and LCD do you suggest?
A: It’s better over 1mm and at least 0.5mm gap between CTP and LCD to avoid interferences.
Q: Which operating system can Fannal touchscreen support?
A: Our touchscreens can support a wide variety of operating systems Linux, Windows, IOS, and Android.
Q: Can I buy touch screen without paying high NRE cost?
A: Yes, Fannal has a list of existing touch screens solutions which can be used for sample evaluating without paying any NRE cost. Or you can get your own solution with just slight change on our existing product. For example, you only need to pay much less NRE cost to customize your own cover glass based on our existing touch senosr and touch controller.
Q: How about the life span of Fannal touch displays?
A: Fannal PCAP can support over 50 billion times touch. Life span of Fannal displays can be different based on different solutions, 20,000 - 50,000 hours.
Q: Can I use your touch screen in very harsh environment?
A: Yes, we can make customized touchscreen for different hash environments. For example, Fannal touch screen can make with max 10mm cover glass for impact resistance and can help end user devices to get through IK10.
Q: Is your capacitive touch panel and TFT display air-bonded or optical-bonded?
A: Fannal in-house production lines can do both air bonding and optical bonding. Each has its own advantages and our engineer will evaluate according to your special requirements and industrial application.
Q:How many touch points does Fannal touch panel support?
A:Fannal can make capacitive touch panel with multi-touch points, depends on the size, the cover glass thickness, application and customer's special requirements.
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