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Projected Capacitive Touch Panel

Structure: Glass/Glass, Glass/Film/Film
Size: 1.8” ~ 55”
Support Multi-touch Solution
We are the touch screen manufacturer
who can supply front-end technology development and back-end product upgrade
Touch screen is a rapidly developing technology which is oriented in the 1970s and aimed to bring directly HMI experience. Capacitive touch screen helps iPhone change the world.Its principle is by measuring capacitance changes of touch screen surfaces to determine the location of one or more fingers.Supporting complex gestures,full multi-touch function and making a sensitive reaction for slight touch.
  • Finger touch
  • Pen touch
  • Glove touch
  • Waterproof touch
  • All One Black
Finger touch
Auto-identify fingers,support up to 10 points touch.
Pen touch
Support a passive stylus,can be identified bigger than 1mm pixel.Improving comfortableness and convenience,and more easy for complex commission.
Glove touch
Supporting 5mm thickness glove single touch,1mm thickness glove multi-touch,and 2mm thickness glove two points touch plus gesture.
Waterproof touch
Accurately tracking wet fingers, Avoid water mistakenly touch the screen,and touch function wouldn’t make any difference under wet or frozen environment.
All One Black
Reducing cover lens light transmittance,when turn off the LCD,the surface will be full black.
Highly Noise-Resistant
Highly Noise-Resistant
●   Hardware and firmware can be matched.Abide by EMI and RFI standard.

●   High anti-noise ability,up to 60 vpp.Increase SNR,reduce phantom touches.

●   Outside display synchronous can help weaken the noise from LCD.

●   Can effectively prevent the interference of the noisy power supply.
Various Thickness Cover Lens
Glass cover lens thickness max 10mm, and PMMA cover lens thickness max 5mm
We can provide the most suitable cover lens solution based on customers’ special requirements and specific application.
IK code and impact energy
 (values changed in Amd 1:1998)
IK code  IK00  IK01   IK02  IK03  IK04  IK05  IK06  IK07  IK08  IK09  IK10
Impact energy (joules) * 0.15 0.2 0.35 0.5 0.7 1 2 5 10 20
Equivalent impact No test Drop of 200 g object from 7.5 cm  height Drop of 200 g object from 10 cm height Drop of 200 g object from 17.5 cm height Drop of 200 g object from 25 cm height Drop of 200 g object from 35 cm height Drop of 500 g object from 20 cm height Drop of 500 g object from 40 cm height Drop of 1.7 kg object from 29.5 cm height Drop of 5 kg object from 20 cm height Drop of 5 kg object from 40 cm height

Supportable IC Models
The debugging is another core technology of touch screen,Fannal supply the best resources and constantly train software engineers to master their properties.In order to supply the best technical supports when customers needs.That’s the reason why we more professional than competitor.Please see below our regular supportable IC models:
IC Size Support Interface Lifetime Application Waterproof Gloves Thickness of cover lens Remarks
CYPRESS ≤10.1" IIC >5 years Automobile or Industrial A large pool of water ≤5mm gloves ≤8mm glass,≤4mm PMMA Complex application products, support passive pens, EMC testing:RS 30V/m,CS 6-10Vrms;Fannal has the ability to debug and assist customers in application independently
Microchip ≤32" IIC/USB >5 years Automobile or Industrial Water mist ≤5mm gloves ≤8mm glass,≤4mm PMMA Complex application products, support passive pens,EMC test: RS 30V/m,CS 6-10vrms; Fannal has the ability to debug and assist customers in application independently
EETI ≤55" IIC/USB/UART >5 years Industrial A large pool of water ≤5mm(single touch) <10mm glass,≤5mm PMMA Support active and passive pens, driving voltage 12V,RS 30V/m,CS 6-10Vrms,Fannal has a good cooperation with the original IC factory,the corresponding debugging and technical support response is fast
ILITEK ≤55" USB/IIC/RS232/UART etc >3 years Industrial or Consumer Water mist ≤5mm gloves ≤10mm glass,≤5mm PMMA Medium and large size product applications, EMC testing:RS 30V/m,CS 6-10Vrms;Fannal has the ability to debug and assist customers in application independently
Goodix ≤13.3" IIC 1-2 years Consumer Not waterproof <1mm latex Gloves ≤2mm glass,≤1.2mmPMMA For routine product applications,Fannal has the ability to debug and assist customers in application independently
FocalTech ≤13.3" IIC 1-2 years Consumer Water mist <1mm latex gloves ≤2mm glass,≤1.2mmPMMA For routine product applications, Fannal has the ability to debug and assist customers in application independently
Extreme Low Power Consumption
Low Power Consumption

Normal Operating Mode:


Low Power
Consumption Mode:


Deep Sleeping Mode:


Comprehensive system support
Supporting wide variety of operating systems (Linux, Windows, IOS, and Android)
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